HOW TO BUY.  This option only available by invite only. You must of bought our 1 Bitcoin for 0.55 Bitcoin before you are eligiblefor an invite. 
This option is not available by PayPal.
To buy one Bitcoin here’s what you need to do.

Sign up to our mailing list, apply to become a site member, once you have been approved you will then be given a reference number by our online chat staff.
Go to online chat, or our email, use your given reference number each time you visit our site.
Send the full amount to the Bitcoin address provided by our online chat/customer support team.
Make sure you use only fresh coins/properly tumbled coins.  
You can do this if your provider offers other currencies as Coinbase, Guarda, Coinami Blockchain, Binance does or simply buy freshly mined off of a reputable mining company.
Simply exchange from one currency to another. You will then receive fresh coins from your provider, if in doubt, ask about our cleaning option before buying.  
You need to use a fresh Bitcoin address when paying for your Bitcoin. 
EXAMPLE. If you use Electrum, Blockchain, or Coinbase, refresh your wallet's address you will then be given new send and receive addresses. 
Once you’ve sent payment to our address you must send us the payment transaction hash.  (If you don’t know where or how to find the transaction hash, just  ask I will be happy to show you)
Our staff will supply you with a fresh unused address, make sure you give them your reference number. 

Finally. You must also send us a fresh unused return Bitcoin address For us to forward your Bitcoin to you. Through our online chat option or our email should you wish to remain anonymous)
Simply tumble your Bitcoin once received.

Do not open more than one account, do not use a VPN never try to buy this option without consulting our staff first.



1 Bitcoin sale.